Virago Valves' Team

Motivated and passionated to help our customers

Gerrit Verschuur

Product Manager

Dave Pascoe

Product Manager

Axel Arissen

Sales Manager

JP Nieuwstraten

Sales Manager

Jan Kruiniger

Senior Account Manager

Alice Visser

Office Manager

Ronald Bakker

Managing Director

Kees Bakker

Director, Sales & Marketing

Fons Jenniskens

Director, Finance & Operations

Greet ter Veen

Sales Assistant

Mannis van Doodewaard

Engineering & Doc. Control

Frank Lambregts

Warehouse & Logistics

Jill van Haagen

Marketing & SEO Specialist

About us:

Our history goes back to 1947, when the namesakes De Gidts and Feldman founded a trading company in Amsterdam. Today our company has both legs in the here and now, and our gaze is firmly focused on the future.
From a trading company with analytical equipment we developed into a company that offers turn-key solutions in process instrumentation, with a product portfolio that is so broad that we even get to surprise our most loyal customers. We like to do that.

We distinguish ourselves by using only products of renowned brands and by adding real value with our knowledge and experience. You may find yourself addressing us for a tap and will leave completely ‘unburdened’. Both in standard products and tailor-made solutions, we help you make the best choices.