Elmac Pressure Protection

For several decades Elmac Technologies from England has been specialising in tank blanketing valves, overpressure and underpressure safety devices, breathing valves and flame arresters. Elmac’s flame-retardant grids are suitable for applications in pipelines and in combination with venting and aeration valves for storage tanks.

Elmac Technologies Pressure Protection

Pressure/Vacuum Relief ValvesPressure Vacuum Relief Valves

  • Superior air-cushioned sealing – no measurable leakage below 90% of set pressures and <1SCFH at 90% of set pressure
  • Flexibility – wide range of materials, sizes, alternative connection types and proximity switches available
  • Versatile – wide range of design/venting options and pressure/vacuum settings

Spec sheet:

Emergency Relief VentsEmergency Relief vents

  • Optimised design – high venting capacity
  • Non-sparking – ensures optimum safety
  • Superior sealing – leak-proof under normal operating conditions
  • Hinged pallet – easy tank/ vessel access

Spec sheet:

Free VentsFree Vents

  • Optimised design – large weatherhood provides maximum airflow
  • Cost Effective – simple construction with bird screen supplied as standard
  • Long life – no moving parts and simplified maintenance and cleaning

Spec sheet:

Gauge HatchesTank Gauge Hatches

  • Low cost – compact size and lightweight so easy to handle and install
  • Integral foot pedal – safer to use via hands-free operation
  • Lockable lid – available as an option to increase safety and reduce losses
  • Non -sparking – available as an option with a PTFE or Nitrile Rubber insert

Spec sheet:

Tank Blanketing VentsTank Blanketing Vents

  • Range of sizes available from 15mm to 50mm
  • Consists of stainless steel or Hastelloy with smooth surfaces
  • Reduction from very high primary pressure (up to 16 bar) to very low setting of 2 mbar
  • Tank corrosion is reduced

Spec sheet:

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