Forged Gate, Globe & Check Valves

Virago Valves supplies the high-quality Forged Gate, Globe and Check valves from M.T.M. Valves. 100% made in Italy. Thanks to the relatively small size of the factory there are short communication lines and an enormous flexibility.

Fast delivery, even for specials

Thanks to the high degree of flexibility of M.T.M. Valves, specials, even the most exotic ones, can be delivered quickly. All conceivable materials and designs are possible, including for high pressure and temperatures, cryogenic and exotic materials, such as ASTM A182 F51, Duplex and Titanium.

Gate Valve M.T.M. Valves


  • Flange sizes: ¼”- 4″
  • Pressure ratings 150-4500 lbs, API 10000, API 15000
  • Connections: NPT, GAS, BW, SW or with flanges RF/RTJ
  • In compliance with API ANSI, BSI, MSS, ASME
  • In compliance with NACE
  • Materials according to ASTM and ASME


Special Valves


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